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Hi Jim. :)

Reads like a really complex problem to try and diagnose via a message board. :|

Got an alarm system installed :?: If its malfunctioning (loose wire etc.) then it makes sense as to being the cause.

As new as your car is and as long as your problem has been occuring I doubt the 12v battery could be the cause (low 12v voltage causing computer "confusion"). Testing for low 12v battery internal resistance is an advanced skill not commonly found (or needed) in the field. Read: most automobile repair technicians won't understand the question. And even fewer 12v batteries will fail this way over this long a term. IMO I can't even imagine its possible. The low internal resistance failure is rare enough to begin with.

Battery main cable and engine ground connections could be the culprit. There are several threads in here on the topic. IIRC Yves web pages has a pictorial.

EGR hiccups don't fit the bill either. (many threads too)

When / if the problem progresses sufficiently that its source can be identified then its resolution will be of interest for your fellow Insighters here.

Please keep us posted. :)

HTH! :)
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