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Remote "Back Window" MPG Display?

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Has anyone been able to extract segment driver information from the dash MPG display and been able to fabricate a nice bright large display for MPG so drivers behind me can see how I'm doing? Are their any remote MPG display kits being marketed? I think that alone would be responsible for for increase in Insight interest as much as anything else. Fred in Michigan.
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I agree with Fred. It must be simpler to connect to the display itself. And then those leads could be used through transistors, to power up a bigger display.
Hello Mike,

What do you think about a tranparent window over the display that would reflect to a small box. In that small box, their would be light receivers for each segment where the segment reflect. Those would power up transistors to then control any size/strength of display
Very cool. Can not wait to see this!
WOW this is really nice. Thanks for the pics

It is OT but what was the "battery monitor". I have forgotten and I suppose many where not Insight owners then. What was tested and the results.
Wow !! from me too. Thanks for sharing, this is really good work.

Maybe because of the size and the distance cars behind should be, only showing the "60.8 MPG" could be enough.

Can I ask how much money it cost you to put the video monitor and the camera looking in the back. The monitor looks like an LCD type.
Just a thought:
Maybe only show the MPG value e.g. "62.5"
in the LCD.
And in order to hide the lower section and to show that the value is MPG, I would add a sticker under the value, to read "MPG".

So it becomes:
| 62.5 |
| MPG |
This way the value is as big as possible and it will not show the partial 0 to 50 MPG display.
1 - 6 of 76 Posts
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