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Remote "Back Window" MPG Display?

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Has anyone been able to extract segment driver information from the dash MPG display and been able to fabricate a nice bright large display for MPG so drivers behind me can see how I'm doing? Are their any remote MPG display kits being marketed? I think that alone would be responsible for for increase in Insight interest as much as anything else. Fred in Michigan.
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not that easy

Fred Kaluza said:
assuming it's seven per digit, then maybe a ribbon cable with 3x7 plus hot & ground equals 23 leads running from front to rear. It's probably simpler to splice into the driver outputs anyway.

I don't think it will be that easy! The dash display is LCD, and judging by the total number of segments, it must be highly multiplexed.

First, it will be very difficult to tap any of the signals, since the wire capacity or the load of any circuit you hook up to them will dampen the original signal and screw up your dash display. LCD drivers are not made to really "drive" any load.

Secondly, even if you use some low capacity, high impedance buffers to recover the signals without harm, you now need to demux the LCD drive signals to figure out which segments are lit. It's doable, but by this time it's probably easier to reverse-engineer the communication protocol.
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