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Remote "Back Window" MPG Display?

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Has anyone been able to extract segment driver information from the dash MPG display and been able to fabricate a nice bright large display for MPG so drivers behind me can see how I'm doing? Are their any remote MPG display kits being marketed? I think that alone would be responsible for for increase in Insight interest as much as anything else. Fred in Michigan.
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I have already seen LED moving message sign type of plate frames on cars. I can't find information about them though. Now if only someont could tie that into the instant mpg indicator.
I think it's to complicated. We need something a bit easier for the average user. How about a moving display on the license plate frame that is interfaced into the instant mpg indicator.
It would be great if we could come up with a display that connects into the OBD plug under the dash, like the car chip does.
I just thought of this today. The rear display should also show what your local gasoline costs. Something like: "60mpg @ $2.50/gal". With the price of the gas being a number you have to dial in and the mpg showing real time mileage.

Oh that would really piss off those big SUV drivers. :)
What if the display had a manual input feature? We could probably program preset numbers with a remote for the driver to hit. Then when the right numbers show up you'd just have to punch that button for it display on the rear.
Troll said:
How smart is it to get someone near the *** of your car and then distract them?
No more distracting than reading the rear license plate of the vehicle in front of you. We wouldn't be talking about displaying long winded lines, just a miles per gallon figure.
1 - 6 of 76 Posts
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