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Remote "Back Window" MPG Display?

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Has anyone been able to extract segment driver information from the dash MPG display and been able to fabricate a nice bright large display for MPG so drivers behind me can see how I'm doing? Are their any remote MPG display kits being marketed? I think that alone would be responsible for for increase in Insight interest as much as anything else. Fred in Michigan.
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I haven't done it, but from the wiring diagrams in the manual, it looks as though all the info that's displayed on the dash is being sent over a pair of wires, using some sort of serial protocol. So if you had access to a recording scope or something of that sort, it should be pretty easy to decode. Then if you tap in to those lines, you could use them to drive any sort of display.
I don't think you'd have to tear the dash apart. Everything comes out of the same processing unit, which if I remember correctly is mounted under the dash on the passenger side, and fairly accessable. Should be the same one that the diagnostic connector goes to.

Getting to the display is (according to the shop manual - I haven't actually done it) a major PITA. Pull the airbag, drop the steering column...
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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