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Remote "Back Window" MPG Display?

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Has anyone been able to extract segment driver information from the dash MPG display and been able to fabricate a nice bright large display for MPG so drivers behind me can see how I'm doing? Are their any remote MPG display kits being marketed? I think that alone would be responsible for for increase in Insight interest as much as anything else. Fred in Michigan.
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This was brought up recently, but I can't find the thread. There are no kits available, that I know of. I would love to have one.

It seems we are at the mercy of someone who knows more about car electricals than I.
I'm impressed!!

Can't wait to see the evidence. One question: are you saying it only shows part of the instantaneous bar? If so, is it because of the angle? Will the new camera have a wider angle?

I guess that was 3 questions. No charge for the other two...
Talk about coincidence. I was driving to work yesterday thinking about how nice a HUD would be, since I tend to pay a lot of attention to the instantaneous graph.

And there it is! Cool!
Wow, there's more electronics in there than a stealth fighter...
1 - 4 of 76 Posts
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