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Renault EOLAB ultra-efficient Concept - Car Body Design

Wt=955kg (cf Insight ~850 kg)
CdA=0.47m^2 (cf Insight G1 0.474 m^2)
3 cylinder 999cc petrol engine (76HP)
Electric motor (67 HP)
6.7 kWh --> 60 km on electric only

Mpg figure distorted due to the all electric capability.

Interesting technology/Design features:
Variable ride height (2" lower when >70km/h)
Active front spoiler (10cm lower >70km/h)
Active rear side flaps that open when at speed (keeping air attached at rear)
Active aero wheel caps
Front aero guides into & out of front wheel wheel (air curtain)
Main windscreen A-piller air guides
Short (with 0.6mm thin walls) exhaust line with composite resonator
Aluminium cables
Composite rear axle crossmember
Side cameras
12V Lithium ion battery
Brake pads non-rub (when not being used) design
Brake-by-wire to allow maximum regeneration
Polycarbonate windows
Composite seat frame
Magnesium roof

386 Posts
Looks great: unfortunately it's a Reanult!
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