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A look at 5 parts that could be making your car or truck thirsty

Millions of drivers waste fuel needlessly every day, without even realizing it. Whether by carrying around extra weight or running a vehicle that’s in need of maintenance, bad fuel mileage often creeps up slowly – swilling away your hard-earned money, and contributing to excessive emissions. If you don’t monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption regularly, increased fuel consumption can be even harder to detect.

Is your ride running at maximum efficiency, or is it wasting your money and polluting needlessly? If you’re not sure, here’s a look at four parts that can be easily replaced and one that should be removed when not in use, as a starting point, to help ensure your car, SUV or pickup isn’t drinking more than its fair share of fuel.
Read more about Replace These 5 Parts for Better Mileage.

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Strange, it took me right to ebays automotive section. Where was the article? :confused:

Replacing the air filter or intake is pretty well disproven to help mpg. Spark plugs are also in the same category and not buying LRR tires can lower it if you car came with them. I cant think of a situation replacing tires made the real world mpg go up.
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