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After market wheels

I am also interested in after market wheels. I live in the great white north and would like to put snows on the stock rims and get a set of 15" for the summer. I already had a post about this and Clayton- Blue Insight 1701 posted a picture of his car with 16" wheels and it looked great.
The problem for me has been finding the specs for the stock wheels.
I know they have a 14" diameter and are 5.5" wide, but what is the offset and how much do they weigh? I contacted Tire Rack but they didn't have the specs either and therefore couldn't recommend any particular wheel but they were able to tell me the rolling diameter of the stock tire is 22.4".
A 195/50 15 tires rolling diameter is 22.7" and a 195/45 15 is 22" and they felt it would be better to go with the 45 series.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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