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I'm proud to say I'm a 2000 Honda Insight owner .. It went into Service on March 17 2001 ..Its Red 5spd A/C ...I won it on a auction on Ebay with 26K , got it for well below blue book. It has become my daily driver and I'm looking at cosmetically tricking out my insight .. I have already had the windows professionally dark (Legal) tinted , and it looks great.
I'm currently arranging either custom paint job or decal add on . What I inquiring about is rim/tire upgrades ..
I know some die hard Insight owners would be totally against this do the low friction tires light weight alloy rims, but I'm willing to drop a few MPG
to influence younger newer drivers toward this technology .
To me it appears image outways performance in todays auto selection so I'm giving my Insight a little additude adjustment ..
So any info on size upgrades rims/tires or clearance issue would be greatly appreciated .

Oh by the way , to give a small example of some of the mods. My rear bumper area will read Driver side " Mine Sips" Passenger side " Yours Sucks" , With tribel design on body sides, Hood- tribal Honda Logo , Wheel covers .. Japanese Writing for " Energy & Power"

Plate "FUOPEC"

Get the Idea ..

Thanks ,

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