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I am going to put a new battery in my 2000 insight. The one I have shows that if I see Blue in the window it is OK, if Red needs water and White needs charging. I see only a metal ring. No colors. However, I can not see any fluid on the side between the level marks.

So I have two questions:
1. Are there any good suggestions for a replacement batter for the little 12v?

2. Is there any special procedure to follow when changing the battery due to the loss of power to the computer?

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Frank :?

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One member mentioned letting the Insight idle while replacing the battery.

Since the battery is charged by a regulated switching power supply operating off the IMA voltage, the voltage should remain constant and there should be no loss of data or settings. However, if the old battery is fried and draining a lot of current due to a shorted cell there will be an arc when doing this. Furthermore the old battery will be generating hydrogen gas and could explode. I removed mine once and used a small 12 volt battery connected in parrallel (temporarily) to achieve the same result.

Be extra cautious when connecting live circuits. At the very least wear eye protection.

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james said:
Which makes me wonder: is there IMA info/settings stored in memory that needs a constant voltage to maintain?
Well it does perform and IMA reset and clear the computers memories. If there were undiagnosed stored codes all that information will be lost.

But the Insight is NOT like any other 12v system. It uses a DC-DC converter to step the IMA 144v down to 12v instead of an alternator. Which has implications re 12v battery service life. Not much you can do about it.

However the replacement _proceedure_ is standard. No "special" precautions need be taken.

HTH! :)
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