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Replacing shifter knob

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My daughter wants to buy me a new shifter knob for my 5 speed Insight - sort of a start to a 'pimp my ride' sort of thing I guess. How does the Insight knob remove? Does it just un-screw? And can any standard Honda knob be used as a replacement?

She was looking at for ideas.


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AFAIK _all_ Honda shifters are threaded on the shaft and are interchangeable. However, the dust boots can be different. AFAIK the only "upgrade" shift knob that has the same shift pattern molded on is from a 99-00 Civic Si and is factory stitched on leather. And in that case the boot is the different style (you'll need it too). It's a mod that I have just recently completed. I'll eventually get around to posting it on my webpage.

Used would be the best price, but may take time and are probably hard to find. There are discount Honda retailers on the web. Do a google search for them if desired.

The boot swap isn't difficult. I'll save my fingers the wear unless your going to go this route. Just post back here and let me know.

Also there is an older thread in the General (?) section along this same line that covers a wider range of ideas.

SEE: ... 53f45b7cd7

HTH! :)
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