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Since the electric motor on my Insight is only 8hp, would increasing the available battery voltage increase the horsepower of the electric motor? This would obviously make for better gas mileage!

I wonder if the IMA batteries could be replaced with a standard auto battery or something else!?! :twisted:

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Actually it is more than 8 HP but because the peak HP comes at different RPMs for the two motors the combined peak is only +8 HP.

Nmh batteries are much higher quality in all respects to lead acid. Although attempts are being made to produce a high tech lead acid design none have suceeded. More than likely Nmh will be replaced by lithium polymer or supercap technology.

Although the electric motor (IMA) is probably a conservative design to make it reliable, the magnets in this type of motor are permanent and of a fixed strength. If the strength of the field electromagnets exceeds the strenght of these magnets (due to an increase in voltage) current will rise suddenly, burning out the motor. Furthermore, the drive elecronics would not likely withstand a significant increase in voltage.

Ten years from now enthusiasts will be pulling IMA systems out of scrapped accords etc. and hopping up their Insights. In the mean time there is always the turbo option like the "Little Red Rocket".
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