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Hi Willie and all
Haven't had any time for myself for the last couple of months. The place I work for hired a new director (one of those consultant types). She's got us all working like slaves and has turned a fun job into misery. She doesn't mind giving us tasks that force us into working nights and weekends. I may be going the way of Cakley. Yes, I truly miss having time for our forum and interaction to improve our Insights and promote them. Oh Well. That may change.

I may just retire soon. I have been Very lucky with my investments and could retire now if I choose. My '00 5 spd I sold to a very fine young lady who just loves the Insight. My new '04 5 spd has all the mods like the '00 and I love this one too. I'll probly make the decision to retire soon and be back to our Insight gathering of minds. I will continue to own Insights for as long as their and I'm around. Hope to be part of the mod process again soon and get my brain back too.

In any group there are always naysayers. Even in a progressive group like ours there will be those that are opposed to new ideas. Let us just consider that they mean well, consider their input and go about our business. I am really looking forward to your next cross country visit to Florida. Your imaginative/practical approach is informative and enlightening. We are fortunate to have your knowledge and ideas to share. See you in Orlando. What do you think about the Turbo mod (besides being a bit pricey) ? What do you think would be the 0-60 ? Do you think it's worth it ? It is an exciting idea.
Hope to be back to mod'ing...
Jack Lee
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