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I love the look and feel of the old Insight, 2000-2005.

A local dealer has a deal on one and this week end and will most likely purchase it.

It has 68,000 miles and a one owner and the dealer says the batteries were replaced recently under a "recall", and they have about a 100,000 mile warranty left on the batteries but the Salesman knows very little about the battery replacement as to what it has in it now.

I am more than happy to use the "self contained" batteries system but the reason i love hybrids is the move away from Oil.

Therefore, I would love to know if a unit is available that can charge the 2005 Insight from your 120v house current?

Anyone has some URLs to contribute, for me to learn more about the Batteries, modification to bring the 2005 insight more up to date, etc would really be appreciated.


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To my knowledge the 2005 is only covered to 8yrs/80K on the HV battery unless they have warrantied the replacement for longer. The replacement should last for many years unless it has sat unused for any length of time. Hybrid-Battery-Repair on this site can refurbish it for $750-1250 if it ever went bad out of warranty.
This thread covers the grid charger of which Mike is in the final stages of developing a advanced model he will be selling.
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