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Reset Button Not Working

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Help! I just return from the holidays and went to reset my MPG and Odometer and they will not reset. I tried to hold down the reset button and go back to zero and nothing happens. I also can not go to trip 1 or 2.
Can anyone please help. I don't want to take the car into the dealer. Thank you for your time and help.

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The problem likely is that the trip and FCD buttons contacts have developed some corrosion. My silver R&D Insight which had been totaled at 150K due to some flood damage had the same problem. The contacts began to work normally after I repeatedly pressed the trip and FCD buttons to wipe off some of the corrosion. It took hundreds of presses to get it to work every time.

The FCD switch is a plug in assembly that is fastened to the rear of the dash bezel, and the trip switch is built onto the guage PC board and requires a guage cluster removal to access.
Good Luck
It was totaled before I got it.
The flood wet the rugs, but never reached the ECM or other electronics.

The car only needed a new AC compressor clutch bearing, a new 12V battery, and the only other issue was the inoperable switches.

the FCD switch is mounted to the front plastic dash, which comes out easily once the few Philip screws in the instrument cluster are removed.
The guage switches are a bit hard to get to, and are part of the guage cluster.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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