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Reset Button Not Working

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Help! I just return from the holidays and went to reset my MPG and Odometer and they will not reset. I tried to hold down the reset button and go back to zero and nothing happens. I also can not go to trip 1 or 2.
Can anyone please help. I don't want to take the car into the dealer. Thank you for your time and help.

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can you clarify what you mean by FCD hasn't been pushed to on?

I just got my 2006 insight last wednesday, and I am aching to reset the trips! but my button doesn't work, and in the same exact way mike says his doesn't. the dealer is pissed at me because I gave them a very hard time to get this car before the end of the year, and I'd really like to not go back so soon.

I'll look it up when I get out to the car tonight - but essentially, and this is basically from hitting buttons, the FCD button switches between the lifetime FCD and the trip FCD. when the trip FCD is showing I hit the trip button on the right of the display nothing happens, it doesn't switch between A and B.

I did check the manual earlier, but it says all I have to do to reset the trip display (or to switch between A and B) is to hold down the trip button - so I hit the FCD button until the trip display is showing, and hold down the trip button, and nothing happens.

Thanks for your help -
it's hard to overcome years of engineering training and practice that tells me I can figure it out on my own! ;) I'll put it back on my bedside table so I can really get into it.
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