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Reset Button Not Working

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Help! I just return from the holidays and went to reset my MPG and Odometer and they will not reset. I tried to hold down the reset button and go back to zero and nothing happens. I also can not go to trip 1 or 2.
Can anyone please help. I don't want to take the car into the dealer. Thank you for your time and help.

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I don't think this thread is dead yet. Both my trip button and the mph/kmh button don't work, or are very intermittent. And it's not because I don't understand how they coordinate with the FCD button. I definitely am in the odometer display when pushing the trip button (not the "segment" display with the <===> symbol displayed.)

Note: call it the segment display, not the trip display, because the displays: odometer, trip A and trip B are three alternatives controlled by the trip button when in odometer mode as controlled by the FCD button. That is the FCD button toggles between odometer mode and segment mode.

I think it might be corrosion under the grounds. Cleaning the battery ground to frame connection seemed to help a problem with the fuel gauge. So I am going to clean some of the other grounds, before I pull the gauge/instrument cluster. When I cleaned the battery ground to frame connection, I found either gray primer or silver paint under the connector. So I scraped and sanded that off (I don't want to rely on the bolt and the top of the connector to make the ground.) I say this seems to have helped, the verdict is still out.

Note that battery terminals often develop a thin film of corrosion between the post and the connector. It doesn't seem like much, but in a high current situation (cranking to start) it matters. But in this case, I wouldn't have thought that a little corrosion on the grounds would matter.

An aluminum car doesn't solve all the corrosion problems, and might even have more corrosion problems due to galvanic action. My car was originally from Michigan where salt is used on the road and has rather bad corrosion problems all over the car, including most of the steel bolts in the engine compartment. The engine to frame ground cable was corroded and broke.

Even the dealer (well the service coordinator, the greeter) couldn't get the trip button to reset the "Maintenance required" light. And they said that the tech couldn't do it any other way, it definitely requires the trip button to be functional.

If I do pull the gauge cluster, I'm hoping the switch is accessible for cleaning or replacement. Anyone seen the thing up close?
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Yes, I agree, probably contact corrosion, not ground corrosion. I would hope the switch was designed so the contacts wouldn't bend if you pressed it too hard.

I still want to know if someone has had the switch out. I have the service manuals. Looks like the gauge cluster is a big plastic box. Do you have to crack it open to get to the circuit board and switch? Even if you get access, is the switch a sealed unit?

Or, does the button/cap come off? Looks to me like it must, since it looks larger than the hole in the plexiglas cover. If so, I would forego the dissasembly and squirt some contact cleaner down the shaft then give it the hundred toggles you suggest.

(Your car totalled by flood before you got it, or after?)
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