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Responsivenes of Honda Engineering to Thorny Issue?

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Took my '06 CVT to the dealer 2 weeks ago - for the 2nd time - to address an always present whining condition I posted previously. Service Mgr and Honda DPSM drove the car.....then 'called Engineering Support for further information'. Invoice noted that 'AHM Found to Be Normal' (AHM?).
I'm having this nagging feeling that I'm getting a run-around. Anyone have a feel for how responsive I could expect Honda to be on this problem.....and what they'll do if there isn't a quick and easy answer?
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AHM = America Honda Motor. When we the general public say Honda there are a host of companies that that name covers. Honda uses three letter abbreviations as a short hand to identify the various companies. For example I hear about HAM (Honda America Manufacturing) and HRA (Honda Research America) in the news all the time, these companies are located here in Ohio and are one of the bigger employers in the state.

The problem with your transmission noise is how to quantify it. My CVT makes a high pitch wine that I can hear below 50 mph. Above that and the road noise takes over. Obviously there is some middle ground where it is annoying to some customers but not to the level that it indicates real trouble (meaning that the tranny will grenade soon). It seams difficult to judge where in the spectrum your car lies.

I have herd that the CVT tranny is not as reliable as a Honda manual. And I heard that they have had trouble with some of there regular automatics too. If it where me I would take a 2 pronged approach. First try to ride/drive in other Honda CVT cars. Do they all act in a similar way to yours? If your car is louder than the others keep perusing Honda to fix it. Second, if I still did not feel good about it, I would get an extended warranty on the drive train then drive it till it died. Once it dose not work it is difficult for them to say there is nothing wrong (although I have no doubts the steelership might try).
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