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Responsivenes of Honda Engineering to Thorny Issue?

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Took my '06 CVT to the dealer 2 weeks ago - for the 2nd time - to address an always present whining condition I posted previously. Service Mgr and Honda DPSM drove the car.....then 'called Engineering Support for further information'. Invoice noted that 'AHM Found to Be Normal' (AHM?).
I'm having this nagging feeling that I'm getting a run-around. Anyone have a feel for how responsive I could expect Honda to be on this problem.....and what they'll do if there isn't a quick and easy answer?
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If your new '06 has the same problem, well - I may just have to live with it. I found what appears to be some state-of-the-art sound insulation material that may be worth a look for our Insights. Judging from the demo on the net, if it silences a gong and a cymbal - it ought to help the cabin acoustics! ... ccumat.htm).
I bought the 7yr/100K - just in case. I'll keep you informed.
'06 CVT Silver #385
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