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Road report; '01 insight from New Orleans to St. Louis

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Took delivery of my Insight as scheduled yesterday. Salesman, Matthew Christian from Treadwell Honda in Mobile, AL, met me at the airport and was great to work with. No surprises about the vehicle, seems nice and everything works well. Filled up in N.O. and took off. Made it to Memphis around midnight averaging 75mpg. Woke up to rain this A.M., driving in the wet stuff for about 200 miles. Filled up,one tank to St. Louis, 690 miles, avg of 73.3. I thought that was good for my first road trip. Seems like wheels need balanced as it has a little vibration but doesn't pull to either side. Also wondering if Treadwell maybe slipped up on changing the oil change...looked black in color before leaving for the trip home. No real problems as far as handling, getting blown around, etc. It also pulls hills much better than I expected. When the battery kicks in, it feels like a little turbo-boost. :D Thanks to all for your suggestions and look forward to many miles of being part of the group. Any other mid-western Insight owners out there? Steve
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Congrats on your purchase!!!
73.3??? Looks like you have experience!
I'm about 120 miles southeast of the arch.
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