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Happy holidays everyone,
So I just got a 2000 Honda insight MT and been doing alot of maintenance to make it a happy car again. I am a really big into the outdoors and white water kayaking. Some of the most beautiful places you will find are on the water.
So... I got the car to take me to far away places with boats possibly. My playboat (6ft long) sits in the hatch of the car which is so so awesome. But alas I got longer Boats for bigger water. So I need to add a roof rack to the car. Possibly a trailer in the future but thats a later thing and I got all sorts of info on thankfully.
I have been reading alot about the roof lately because my roof leaks a little and my windshield is cracked (crack doesn't leak). I will have to take off the roof shrowd pieces before replacing glass (I will do this myself). So I have to do all this work on the roof so I might as well get a good idea for a roof rack system and do it all together.

What's the best way of putting on a roof rack system for 2000 Honda insight. I've been looking around and reading mixed reviews about putting on roof racks because of the roof shrowds being plastic. All links to pictures and sights are broken.
I have been thinking about cutting into the the shrowd to get a good place I can get a bolt on and drill through the roof. I could put some tracks on the roof and then attach the roof rack to the track (picture below). On my 98 Accord I got this system which is really nice and reliable with a little locktight to bolts added (picture below).
The car has been out for 2 decades so there must be a easier way to putting on a roof rack or a good write up with pictures.
So far I've read about the insight guys with a 20ft ladder, a 13 foot kayak, a sailboat, etc. Just no pictures... I have read about Saris selling something but I haven't seen it and the sight doesn't have a link for it anymore. I could use foam to support my boats on the roof and run a rope through the car, but the roof rack on my Accord are so nice.

Thanks for all the help everyone!

1998 Honda Accord 205k
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This is the Insight Lip on for the door. Its very similar to my accord. The accord also has some plastic I cant attach to, just needed long enough mounts (Pic above)
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I want something like this.
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Not this...
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I saw those and thought they were a joke...
Sounds a little sketchy. I will find something more supportive 😜
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