Hello fellow Insight superfans.

The proverbial end of the road has arrived for my project car... before sending it to scrap, I thought I would list it here and see if anyone is in the market for this very unique car in its present condition. Please read carefully and feel free to get in touch to discuss if you're interested.

Vital stats:
  • I am asking $500 for the car shell, $1000 with S2000 wheel and Gaz/Matiz rear suspension. Open to offers, tell me your story.
  • 2000 MY VIN: 004619 Salvage title.
  • Silver
  • MT car (No powertrain currently installed.)
  • 211,954 miles
  • No hybrid system installed
  • No transmission/engine included
  • Interior is average for age, miles. Car has not been garaged, has seen lots of sun and rain. Most fabrics are a bit stained, many plastics are cracked. Drivers bolster is average. Some typical rain rail leaks have been sealed (no wet seatbelts) but the drivers footwell and some parts of hatch area do collect rain. Rear hatch motor is stripped and due to collision damage the key linkage is a little wonky. Hatch can be released manually from inside. Central locking usually doesn't work and something's not quite right about driver door lock linkage. Car can be locked but it's a hassle.
  • Exterior looks straight. Collision damage was repaired much earlier in the car's life (hence Salvaged title) on right rear corner. Clear coat has given up the ghost.

I'd say it's a bit below average salvaged Y2k California 200+k mile car overall. Most essentials work and it was a really good driver when I had it on the road. Lots of its foibles could be repaired and it could be a comfortable driver again.

Now the fun bit... During my ownership of the car (2016-present) I electric converted it and put about 25-30k miles on it. I have almost entirely stripped out the work I've done, remaining is an electric vacuum power braking system (can be removed), some assorted mounting holes drilled and clearance made in rear area, some non-stock riv-nuts installed... but it's basically all Honda left at this point. CA Title has been switched to Motive Power: E code so the car is presently smog exempt. (currently non-op, but can be put back on road with out SMOG test) If you buy the car and put a combustion powertrain in it'd be good to take it to the SMOG ref and make sure the MP code matches whatever powertrain you've installed (G or Q).

As I see it: non junk parts remaining on 04619…

  • rear axle/brakes
  • front knuckles/brakes
  • steering rack
  • glass- cluster
  • shifter/linkage
  • airbags
  • air handler (evaporator missing)
  • dash buttons, switches (all worked last time it drove)

On the underbody: Fuel system, hybrid system cables, cladding all removed. I have already gotten rid of the parts I removed from the car, they're not available.

Feels to me like it'd be a good project car candidate or race car ($500 :) ) But it will not be my project moving forwards, will it be yours?

In case you're wondering it was an incredible BEV and I loved it deeply. Typically averaged less than 160wh/mi. Took it on road-trips and got 60mph charging on L2. Kind of like magic. Open to encouragement to edit the countless GB of media I have and post about it ;) Thanks for reading and have a great day :) -Henry