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S-2000 steering wheel - side indicators

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I want to do some slight modifications to my car:

I know that the steering wheel of the Insight LOOKS like the S-2000 wheel, but without the leather.
But does the S-2000 one ACTUALLY fit !!??
Has anyone tried the modification ??

Does anyone know from WHICH Honda the side indicators (European spec.) are taken from ?? (Civic, Accord??)
I'd like to fit white ones !

Thanx :wink:
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I've measured the steering wheels, the air bag is the same size, but the S2000 steering wheel is actually slightly larger. Your probably better off just having the stock one wrapped. I considered trying it, but a S2000 wheel alone lists for like $350!

As far as the side markers, I'm curious about that myself. From what I've looked at the S2000 ones are very close if not the same. Either way I think they could be made to work. Perhaps our Euro spec owners could confirm.
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