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I really want to hold on to this car but I'm getting ready to move and have way too many cars. Whomever buys this car is in for a really solid deal!

This car is in true top notch mechanical condition. I would hop in and drive it cross country right now with little hesitation. I really enjoy auto repair and fancy myself a bit of an amateur mechanic. I went all out to maintain this car and perform every bit of preventative maintenance I could think of. When I first bought the car (approx. 10k miles ago) I removed the engine and transmission. I rebuilt the transmission with all new bearings direct from Honda. I replaced the clutch at the same time. I went over the engine and replaced a multitude of parts. I cleaned everything with a scrub brush slightly bigger than a toothbrush!

This weekend I replaced the IMA battery with a brand new unit from Hybrid Revolt. I have the receipt and it includes a 1 year fully transferrable warranty. The engine purrs like a sewing machine. The transmission shifts silky smooth and there is no 2nd gear grind as I performed the “syncho” mod when I rebuilt the transmission. All electronics work and the digital gauge cluster looks good. It's a southwestern car so there is no significant rust or oxidation on the frame or any other metal pieces. I have just detailed the interior, exterior, and engine bay in addition to replacing or topping off all the fluids.

I maintain a detailed log of every bit of work done to the car since I purchased it with the date and mileage the work was performed. I will give the log to the new owner.

I think the only potential failure points I haven't touched are the wheel bearings, fuel pump and shocks/struts. But there are no signs of problems with any of these.

In addition to the brand new battery, the car has Scott's (KLR3CYL) upgraded rear springs and underbody panel. I also added aftermarket pioneer speakers and stereo.

Approx. 251k

List of New Parts (several items omitted for brevity, comprehensive list available via private message):
Within 10k miles:
Replaced clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing
Replaced engine front and rear main seals
Replaced valve cover seals
Replaced spark plugs
Adjusted lifters
Cleaned egr plate and passages
Replaced all egr gaskets
Replaced A/C compressor clutch bearing
Replaced water pump
Replaced thermostat
Replaced front stabilizer bar end links
Replaced front brakes and rotors
Replaced cabin air filter
Replaced engine air filter
Replaced serpentine belt
Replaced all A/C hose seals
Replaced A/C drier
Replaced grounding straps
Replaced all fluids (oil, clutch, brakes, coolant, refrigerant)

Within 2500 miles:
Replaced rear hatch struts
Install rear spoiler blocks
Changed oil with Honda 0w20
Replaced coolant overflow tank hose and clamp
Replaced power window switches

Within 100 miles:
Rebuilt transmission - all new bearings, 2nd gear synchro modification, new axle seals, new throwout bearing, new ISB
Replaced hybrid IMA battery with new battery from Hybrid Revolt (1yr warranty)
Installed two new front tires (RE-92)
Replaced Radiator
Removed seat covers and thoroughly laundered
Polished headlights

General interior wear and tear (holes in floor mats and carpets)
Crack in gauge cluster hood
Will need 2 tires replaced in 10-15k miles?
Paint on the roof is faded, clear coat worn off on corner of rear bumper, paint chips on hood
Driver window auto down feature is a little quirky

No warranty is expressed or implied. Please consider this an as-is sale.


Price is $3,500/Firm. Price is firm so please do not contact with lower offers. Interesting trades considered.

Pickup Details:
Car is located in Prescott, Arizona, 90 minutes north of Phoenix.
If you're thinking about flying in to pick up the car there is a shuttle available from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport up to me in Prescott for only $40.

Please private message me I will provide my phone number or answer any questions.


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Dang this car is super nice. If I weren't getting my car painted I would buy this.
Thank you for the kind words!

FYI, I just replaced the radiator (preventative maintenance), both front tires (RE-92), and removed the seat covers and washed them.

I'm just back from a 600 mile trip to Vegas where this car got 72.8 mpg!

Here are some additional pics of the car:

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