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I noticed large plumes of roadsalt dust as I was drafting trucks on the way home from Pennsylvania...I mean almost whiteout from from the dried salt as they changed lanes....And I thought about my poor Insight snorting up all that fine corrosive powder,not to mention the electrics possible exposed ....And I wondered if anyone knows if the standard air filter stops all salt dust powder....because that stuff really ruins marine machinery in a hurry.....NaCl is very gritty....scratches sweaty sunglasses if you rub before rinsing....

Anyone know if it hurts anything to draft in the salt plume?

And has anyone had any body corrosion problems ?I know outboards(Aluminum) in salt water do not fare well,and use sacrificial zinc corrosion inhibitors....Has anyone seen structural corrosion from salt on the alu parts of the Insight?
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