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The check engine light came on in my insight and I need to get it checked out soon.

Any suggestions on good/reliable San Diego area mechanics or quick and easy at home tricks to figure out whats wrong. The dealer wants $80 to check it out? Is that a fair price if the other two options are not possible.

I don't notice anything wrong with the way the car runs, the gas milage is down but my city/stoplight driving has doubled the last few weeks as well.
I can't tell if anything is wrong with the exhaust. My gut leans toward oxygen sensor but i have no justification for it.
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how would i use the manual to isolate the problem? my understanding of the inner workings is intermediate at best.
Checked the gas cap when it first turned on - no dice, its been on for about two hundred miles - hardly have had time to deal. it turned on one random afternoon and hasn't faded since.

Im borrowing a odb ii scanner from a friend later this week and will see if i can tell what the CEL is for and if it comes back after I clear it out.

If anyone is curious ill post what happens.

Thanks for the help
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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