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ScanGauge buttons fix


After twelve years of use, the buttons on my ScanGauge became less and less functional. Depending on which menu or function I was in, they might or might not work. Finally, the Home button failed completely, and I was unable to get it out of "Scan" mode.

I fixed the buttons yesterday, and it was easier than I expected. And completely successful. I'm now able again, to access all menus and functions on the ScanGauge.

I'm sorry I have no photos of the process - I was pressed for time and didn't think of photos until after I was done. But, I'll give a good description here, so I think that if you need to fix your ScanGauge switches, you'll do OK with this.

You will need:
-Small phillips screwdriver. I used a #0, but other sizes might also work.
-Material to wipe the contacts. These are located on the surface of the circuit board.
For wiping, I used a small sheet of Viva paper towel - it doesn't leave lint behind. A microfiber cloth can work but it can get pretty dirty. Or a fresh piece of disposable shop towel.
-Cleaner. Electrical contact cleaner is probably ideal. I used carb cleaner. I'd avoid brake cleaner - I don't know whether it might damage the circuit board.
-Optional, a hot glue gun - in case of damage where the screws bite the plastic housing.

Unplug the ScanGauge.
Remove the four screws holding the case together.
Pull off the front and back halves of the case, leaving the guts of the ScanGauge free.
Set it down with the display facing up.

You will see the soft rubber-like sheet which contains the push buttons.
Note how the sheet's notches near the four corners line up with the locations where the case screws pass through.
Pull up gently on the top edge of the glass display, freeing the rubber sheet behind it.
Now you can slide the rubber sheet "up", out from behind the display glass (away from the bottom of the ScanGauge).
Look at the back side of the rubber sheet - you'll see the black pieces that get pressed against the circuit board.
Those black pieces are conductive.
Look at the exposed switch contact areas on the circuit board.
You'll see black material built up on whichever switches no longer work well.
That's what you need to clean off.

Put a few drops of cleaner on your soft cleaning wipe. Gently clean the contact areas on the circuit board. I would do all five contact areas, even if you only see buildup on one or two. In my case, the Home button (bottom right corner) was the worst one.

Gently pull up a bit on the glass display panel and reinsert the rubber sheet. Be sure to line up the notches at the corners, with the locations on the circuit assembly where the screws will pass through.
Reassemble the ScanGauge into its case.
Reinstall the ScanGauge into your vehicle and test it.
When reinstalling - remember that it needs your ignition to be in the "run" position. Best to have it in "run" before you plug in the ScanGauge' data cable.

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Been putting up with no home button for more than a year. Your post was very helpful.
2 additions that I noticed. On my scanguage the black conductive buttons had more buildup than the circuit board....
And I used Qtips with electronic cleaner to clean both the PCB and the contact buttons.
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