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Just thought I would let fellow Insight owners know what a superb piece of kit this ODBII tool is. Some of you know already :) and there a few threads about these tools on here.

Looks neat, integrates well to give an OEM look if you want, very easy to use, great for trouble codes and mods. Allows many interesting real time parameters to be monitored.

Easy to use web site.

Prompt delivery to UK with no rip off postage or customs charges.
Good buy for UK owners with weak dollar at the moment!

Highly recommended.

Peter UK


Might have to get another one now for the wife's Insight! :lol:

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Hi Mike; I have both a scangauge I and II. They have a setting where you select "hybrid" on the initial setup. It is probably better for CVT Insights rather than 5-speeds, because the scangauge does not account for lean burn mode. Therefore, mpg and distance to empty, etc, are not accurate. However, I really enjoy the other features. I love being able to read and reset trouble codes, and know my water temp, voltage, intake air temp, rpm, mph, ign timing, etc in real time.

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Mike Dabrowski 2000 said:
Hi Billy
The parameters I would like to see are :
the 3 phase current
Total motor amps
HV Battery voltage
Battery and MPI temp
IMA torque
HV insulation
and any others available on the hybrid side of things.
Mike so would I, but sadly these are not available, however the ScanGauge II does have some user programable sections so you can send adhoc or specialised codes, requests to the engine computer. If I new the language/protocol and what to send it might be possible to get that info if it is available. Has anyone seen a Honda diagnostic system in use? Does that provide extra info? If it does, it must be available, just another reverse engineering project :(

Extract from website "Make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes
to send to the vehicle computer" Interesting, I haven't studied this part of the manual yet.


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Does anyone happen to know how the ScanGauge computes its instantaneous mpg figures? They frequently seem to be at odds with what the Insight's FCD shows - sometimes lower, other times much higher. Especially when you're still rolling in autostop, when it goes to 9999 mpg :)

It also seems to show that the Insight's fuel cutoff mode doesn't shut off fuel entirely. On a long downhill, no throttle & regen showing, it reads ~300 mpg, with a fuel flow of 0.2 gph.
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