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My favourite 1950's-1980's Sci Fi Film classics and tongue in cheek summaries.

Slight spoiler alert.

The day the Earth caught fire.
Accidentally synchronised US & USSR Atom bomb posturing blasts the earth towards the sun whilst an alcoholic journalist briefly makes the Daily Express look like a proper paper.

The day the Earth stood still. (Original)
Classic Brit actor arrives with a Theremin and a scary robot before solving 1970's Open University level maths problems and telling us to mend our evil ways. Klatu barada nicto!

War of the worlds (Original)
Great special effects for the time with Alien craft on strings frying soldiers and equipment with a heat ray before catching man flu.

Village of the damned.
Freaky eyed clone kids in rural England mind bend local yokels into shooting themselves and crashing cars enroute to world domination.

Crack Marines bottle it on scary planet fighting face hugging squids whilst little girl and surrogate mum kick alien ***.

Phase 4.
Tipping boiling water on an ants nest doesn't work out too well for isolated retro scientists in a moon dome baking in the Arizona desert.

Forbin Project.
Supercomputer Colossus becomes sentient and moody before self identifying as a supreme being and linking up with his mate behind the iron curtain.

Gorgeous space girl goes on a 1960's astro jolly in leather clad lesbian land with hunky angels and Duran Duran on hand to tickle her fancy..

Years before the rampant rabbit we had the Orgasmatron, self driving Google pods and tin foil bodysuits as well as hats in this 1970's big brother style comedy gem from Woody Allen.

Visual feast years ahead of its time with another rouge computer not content to take orders from Dave when there is a huge black slab of granite floating nearby orbiting Io.

Hitler phones home from the star Vega and e-mails his next History Channel Nazi Mega Weapon series plans to a cash strapped scientist who goes on a one way trip to neverland.

Logan's Run.
It's all the fun of the fair on the 23rd century carousel for the over 30's..
It makes being swindled by gypsies in a cold wet field on unsafe contraptions in Hull very appealing.

Soylent Green.
The non vegan answer to a starving population and dwindling resources doesn't go down too well with our old NRA nut job Charlton Heston.

The Fly.
You'll need more than a PoundLand / dollar store bug zapper to deal with this experimental transporter cock up.

The Terminator.
I can't be reasoned with or bargained with, so my Sci-Fi film list is the best.

Solitary cartoon kitchen waste bin compactor toils endlessly to deal with our crap while we wallow around Saturn being force fed lard by a corporate behemoth bent on controlling every aspect of our lives. Sound familiar FB etc?

Star Wars.
These aren't the films you are looking for.... Genre defining Scfi with bells, whistles, prosthetics, droids, ion cannons and a wayward father neglecting his parental duties before chopping off an appendage in a hissy fit.

The Incredible Shrinking Man.
Irradiated insecure snowflake fades away before gorging on lemon drizzle cake and fighting back projected arachnid, only attaining enlightenment once he is small enough to fit through a sieve.

When World Collide.
Elderly Megalomaniac sponsors nerds to save him from a comet while scientists daughter plans shag fest to repopulate the new planet with the dumb pilot.
The final scene is especially touching as they blast off and leave Elon Musk/Bill Gates et al (insert billionaires names here) behind.

Giant paper mache ants on wheels being pushed by stage hands go on a 1950's desert rampage in this post atomic test mutation black and white classic.

The Abyss.
Gungho marines go full retard whilst crusty subsea oil drillers hold out the hand of peace to floaty aquatic aliens in this deep sea claustrophobic crush depth fest.

One of the unfortunates on the cattle class flight to a star 80 light years away wakes up from the duty free induced coma too early before jump starting the slightly peeved gorgeous girl next to him to keep him company for the next 40 years.

That will do for now.. Over to you..


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Nice list. I've seen several of them and they were great for their time.

Very impressed by "2001 - A Space Odyssey." Interesting that the computer was named HAL, each letter proceeding the name IBM. With robots and AI taking over many human activities, the plot now seems eerily prescient. Wife recently in hospital where I met this little robot rolling merrily down the hall. It and I had a bit of a standoff when I stood in its path. Stepped aside and he/she/it went happily on with its task.

Soylent Green very obscure and very under rated. Gripping and thought provoking plot.

Terminator is a real gripper. Evokes a sense of terror just around every corner. A bit violent, but not is a realistic fashion.

King of the Rocket Men

My contribution is "King of the Rocket Men" serial series from the late 1940's. A crusader for good, complete with rocket backpack, fights back against evil scientists. Great pix of magical science machines-dials, sparks, coils, tubes, etc. The entire 2hr40min serial is available here:
Personal in that sis and I looked forward to seeing 15 min ever Saturday matinee.

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OK... if you grew up feeding quarters to video game machines you might remember “The Last Starfighter!” Boy gets recruited into space war by getting high score on video game... boy becomes hero. True 80’s cinema!

And “Krull.” Assemble the weapon through many trials and save the world.

Finally, “Dune,” although that’s probably not as “sci-fi” as much as fantasy? Still... I’m a musician and always knew sound could be a weapon!
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These are some great ones. I'm a fan of the Alien series because it reminds us that alien species are not necessarily humanoid, nor are they playing by our rules.

But a glaring omission thus far is Blade Runner.

Super humanoid cyborgs with a 4 year life span are manufactured to do people's dirty work. When they go rogue, humans get scared and murder them. The whole movie contemplates whether its murder, whether the Replicants are human or how human. And what does it mean to be human?

Wonderful movie, one of my favorites.
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The THING from Another World: Giant killer turnip crash lands in black-and-white to be flash-frozen then found and thawed by ridiculous scientists in smoking jackets and cold-war warriors in storm-isolated Arctic research station. Witty conversations ensue whilst dealing with aforementioned now blood-thirsty turnip to culminate in a shocking conclusion. The sky—it should be watched, not to mention the curvy girl scientist.
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The movie posters from many your favorites are available on e bay, etc.
They really look cool ( wife permitting) framed. My last was " Attack of the
50 foot Woman "...… which was a B movie classic.
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