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Scott Kulbeck AKA KLR3CYL

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Hey, folks, I'm on the road in my 2001 5sp Insight. Drove south through Oregon and California. Had a disastrous blowout in Northern California where there was no cell service, but that is not part of this thread.

I showed up at Jue Motors Friday with a laundry list of repairs that needed to be done, starting with clutch replacement.

If you do not want to read this wnole post, here is the summary: Scott and Jimmy at Jue Motors are super mechanics, professional and honest. They are the Nordstroms or Nieman-Marcus of car repair.

The first thing Scott did with the car was test drive it. He said he was not sure the clutch needed to be replaced but wanted Jimmy Jue, the owner, to check the car, too. Jimmy agreed. The rear motor mount had been replaced so the front two were replaced. Scott says that it is normal to have a little shudder when engaging the clutch. These guys went over that car with the proverbial fine toothed comb, luckily for me. Scott came up with a few things that were small and larger was the right rear wheel bearing and rim, both damaged to the point of near uselessness. They were replaced. Scott apoligized for the high price of the wheel bearing. If he could have whittled one out of white pine he would have done it.

My sure impression of Scott is that he is looking for the best and cheapest way to fix the problem. BTW, new rear springs and shocks made it a new car, no fooling. And having the instrument cluster lights working is kind of nice, too. After putting on the aluminum belly panel for me I find that now crossing the sound barrier is effortless.

In short I would drive the 1,600 mile two day trip for any serious repair work. By having Scott do the work I know I only have to have it done once. Scott, and the whole shop: professional, knowledgeable, efficient, honest, reasonable and kind. Scott was kind enough to drive me to my motel, carry my suitcase up to the second floor, and pick me up in the morning. There were other kindnesses, too.

So on the basis of my experience I would think you're making a mistake by not taking your car to Scott. He is a great no BS guy that knows his profession.

Thank you Scott, thank you Jimmy, and Victor and Moises.
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I will second third and fourth cudos to Scott!
To any folks on the fence, debating on doing the Kulbeck rear suspension.. Just do it.
Lay off Starbucks for a month, eat ramen, whatever ?
I put 77000mi and 650+ round trip commutes in, before I got off the fence.
Completely different car now, better handling, better bump control, better than new I recon ??!

OH and buy his aero pan, ymmv (pun intended) but on my car it handed me 3mpg. ??
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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