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Ok chiming in here since I've been called upon. Yesterday I was attempting to get my hands on yet another Insight that went through the auction because hey, I could have probably made a buck on it. Now get this, it was a twin to my car. 02 5 speed with dealer AC, red. In pretty good shape with 50,000 miles on it. So I drove out there, book on the car was something less than 9 grand I think, and considering what they were bringing I was willing to pay about that.

So the auction starts, I don't even play, the car brings $11,500! This is about retail book price on the car, cars never bring retail book at the auction unless they are the hot ticket at the time. My dad looks at me and says "your car just went up in value."

And if you want to see another example of this look at the price other hybrids are bringing on eBay even. Civics are bringing much better money than they were a few months ago, low mile Prius classics are bringing over 15K, and OMG, 2004 Prius's are selling for insane premiums. And eBay is not generally the place to get the most money for a vehicle.

I gotta admit, this is kinda cool. But it's simple supply and demand at work.

BTW, this is my 1,000 th post.
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