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San Diego, CA

Yes the car drives fine BUT I am only selling it "for parts" because the airbags have been deployed (even if almost all the damage is cosmetic according to my mechanic). Yes, I am totally willing to negotiate the price within reason 🙂!

The Pros:

The IMA battery is a New Generation 8.0amp cells hybrid battery that I got on 10/20/17 with a 36 month warranty from Green Tec Auto. And, yes, I have all the paperwork for that. See, the new battery by itself cost me 2k so I'm only trying to get back a bit of what I spent on that and not what I spent on the car.

As a bonus: Two of the tires are also under a Firestone warranty with 25,825 miles left on it. (It was a 40,000mi warranty I got when the odo was at 290,050.

The general details:

The car was last smogged on 08/01/17 and has been up to date with all of its oil and fluid changes.

Please message me if you're interested?


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