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Reply to PatJr and atikovi

Got a Craigslist ad ?

There are a few folks looking for just this car.
Hey PatJr, that's great to hear. I might have posted this a little to soon and making a repair at the moment.

It took me a while to figure out the EGR valve issue and it caused me to drive weirdly. I also drive in LA stop and go traffic frequently. I now get around 45-5mpg to the tank.

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Update - not selling at the moment.

2000 Honda Insight
Silver Color
82,250 miles (at time of posting)
Interior is in great condition; just had it all deep cleaned
Located in Los Angeles
Clean title, CA registration, and brand new tabs.
That's harsh.
I didn't see this early enough to see a price, I might be interested in it without repairs being done (depends on what price and what repairs).
Right now I am planning on taking a road trip to buy an Insight this weekend...

I am near Barstow, so not too far for me to see it soon if you want to talk.
I do need A/C, though...
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