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I am looking to find a good future owner for my 1st generation Insight. The IMA Battery light & Check Engine light recently came on. The right owner may have the tools necessary to revive some life left in the battery.

  • Year: 2002
  • Blue
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • Mileage: 144
  • 1 previous owner (2 incl. myself)
  • Current IMA Battery is 2nd in vehicle & has 60k miles
  • Prev. owner replaced IMA battery at 80k
  • Codes:
  • P1449
  • P1456
  • P0128 (new thermostat installed 2 years ago)
  • No known transmission issues
  • Exterior: Good condition
  • Interior: Good condition
  • Location: South Hadley MA
  • Asking for $2500. This car could last forever in the right hands!
  • Ad up on Western MA Craigslist
I am brand new to the Insight Forum community, so please let me know if any information is missing here or anything else of value I should be aware of (I've read all rules for buying/selling on the platform)

Thanks :)

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Von, please update your "account settings" to include your general location. This will be helpful to you and others if you acquire the car.

Click the avatar, top right, then click the "account settings."
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