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I am going to be upfront about everything in the life of this car, so if there is something you want to know feel free to ask. I've put 40,000 miles on my insight since 2014 and have loved about 75% of those miles. It's now time to bid my insight Adieu, so here we go.

2004 Silver Insight CVT 185,000 miles, 48.6 MPG.

The transmission needs a little help getting out of first gear when starting from stop lights. Shifts fine in the upper gears. The battery is original, but has had one previous IMA light that has been 'grid charged and cycled' by the dealer.

This car has been in three accidents, the first is a blizzard where a sidewall was struck on an on ramp and the drivers fender was cracked. It was replaced. The second was a 20 mph rear end accident. The hood and bumper have been replaced. The third was being clipped on the back passenger corner of the car. No real damage aside from cracked clearcoat.

There is no rust, but a kayak was placed on top of the car which broke the antenna off and scratched the roof very badly. There are paint chips mostly isolated to the driver's quarter panel, and there is a key mark in the driver's door.

I have no maintenance records apart from new tires this last fall.

The carpet will need to be revitalized on the drivers side, the passengers side is okay. The seats have water marks from snow and ice that will need to be removed and the drivers seat has a small burn mark under the right thigh. THIS CAR WAS NOT SMOKED IN. The hook to open the trunk has come off of the styrofoam insert. Spare tire and jack included.

IMA bypass was done in October 2014, then the battery cycled. No IMA lights since then.

I have two small rectangle floor mats, and two that I picked up from walmart.

The BRAKE light has been on since I bought the car and have never had issues with the brakes. I don't know what it could be, but hasnt affected how the car drives. All lights in working order, headlights could be buffed and cleaned.

Parts missing or needing replaced:
hatch struts
tow hook cap cover
seat belt nut cover
park release plastic part (next to gear shifter)
Rear View Mirror (have the OEM mirror, just not attached)

I am asking $2000, as this car has seen it's share of better days, but with a little time could be shined up very well. The car is located in Iowa and I will need you to come to the car as I dont have much spare time. Feel free to PM me any questions. Pictures should be soon to follow.
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