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We have too many cars and it's come time to simplify, so Bluesight (2003 Blue CVT Insight) is on the block. It's currently in Sarasota, FL and I don't really want to transport it (again) back to WI. I have a couple more races to go to, so it will not be ready to pick up (in Sarasota) until after March 15. But it needs to be gone before March 31. This has been a well used but reliable Insight. Some things broke, and then got fixed. Since it is a racing vehicle, it has been kept very well maintained and it is in excellent shape (for what it is). It is also generously upgraded electronically with OBDII C&C, IMAC&C (using switch rather than analog joystick), current hack, bigger main fuse (75A), bigger IMA fan and IMA Boost (with special programming). I put in a new Bumblebee battery in January 2018. The IMA has been conditioned with my Genesis grid charger (not included) and it has a Genesis style harness on it. It charges great but does do recals probably because I continually confuse it with forced charges for IMA topoff at races. Then there are the suspension upgrades with Ground Control springs lowered by about an inch, and GAZ rear adjustable shocks. There is an engine torque damper to permit quick starts without rocking the engine.

Originally a California car shipped in 2014 to WI. Run in FL (not WI) for winters for the last 4 years. No rust! Easy to work on. If you want to do autocross racing with ease, and at an extremely low entry cost, this is the way to do it. Yet it's a fantastic daily driver, both in town and on the highway.

Year: 2003
Color: Blue
Miles: 211K
Transmission: CVT (fluids changed annually)
Engine: Excellent, strong and well maintained. Always use Mobile 1.
IMA condition: Good with recals but OBDIIC&C readings look normal and the IMA can be kept fully charged with IMAC&C. Grid charger curves look fine for charge/discharge cycles. At races, it is easy to peak charge and it works as expected for IMA torque assist (much better than before the Bumblebee replacement)
Transmission condition: Works every time I race. Flywheel replaced in 2019 after splines deteriorated
Codes: None unless I do the wrong thing when force charging
Interior condition: Pretty good (see picts). Includes a Bluetooth capable CD radio.
Exterior condition: Shows some peeling from life in the CA sun. Otherwise, no notable dings. Undercarriage rubber covers need regular reattachment. Has an aluminum bottom plate from Scott

This is a reliable Insight that needs a good home. Bluesight has lots of valuable parts, but it would really be nice to keep it together as a performance Insight.

How much...Maybe $1600, preferably to a really good home. I won't get into what a deal that is...but you might have an idea...

It will need to be picked up in Sarasota FL between March 16 and March 30.

PS...Pictures show racing wheels in the back, but those will be replaced with standard Insight wheels with RE92s at transfer.
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