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Selling complete LTO conversion kit (SALE PENDING)


Greetings, all. Due to circumstances of my own creation, I am selling my entire LTO conversion project that I’ve been working on for the past year. I had the opportunity to purchase a very rare car (a 1933 American Austin “Suburban”.. only 2 known to exist) and had to sell my Insight to make room for it in the garage. Since I no longer have an Insight, I obviously don’t need an LTO conversion!

I was intent on doing this conversion the “right” way, which to me meant a full BMS and 72 cells. I am selling the following components:

4 Toshiba LTO battery packs from a Honda Fit EV (3 for use in the car, one spare). I have put 3 packs through a complete discharge/charge cycle using the BMS and they appear to be very well balanced) (paid $1460)

Orion 2 BMS, 72 cell capacity, with current sensor, thermistors, cell wiring harness (with ring terminals suitable for connecting to the battery cell taps), and CAN interface for connecting the BMS to a PC. (paid $1725)

Circuit boards from Peter: BCM fooler (soldered to harness and mounted to relay board), current hack board, IMACC&C with joystick (paid $800)

Charger/discharger capable of charging the full battery from any state of charge (homemade.. about $200 in parts)

19x24 aluminum plate, m6 screws, spacers, and m6 threading drill bit (paid about $100 total), still needs to be fabricated to fit.

Relay/switch board, spare MDM and BCM, and all harnesses (paid $600 to purchase basically an entire IMA system so I could keep using the car while working on the conversion)

This represents a nearly $5000 investment but I am willing to let it go for $3000 if you will pick it up in south-central PA. I am happy to answer any questions so please ask.


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