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Lately my climate control had been behaving flaky. It would sporadically start pumping out hot air when I was running ECON, A/C on, with a set temperature (72 F for example). Then more recently I lost idle-stop even with ECON A/C off.

I figured there was a problem with my external temperature sensor, maybe it got disconnected. Tried to get the dealer to look at it but they wanted an appointment. Hell with that. I popped the hood and couldn't figure out the connection. Then after visiting Daniel Curran's site I realized I was looking at a different connection behind the radiator, near the hood latch.

Turns out my external temperature sensor had fallen off its mount! It was hanging free by its cable, and I assume as it swung about it was giving me different estimates of temperature that would occasionally result in idle-stop not working. Once I saw it, it was trivial to remount.

Might need to replace it as part of the mount looked damaged (little tabs on the sensor that slide onto the mount, one looks broken). Hopefully my hondacare will cover it.
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