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Service in Australia

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This message will not be of interest to just about all of you happy Insighters, but spare a thought for this outpost of enlightenment.

I need to find a Honda dealer service department in Melbourne that has an interest and expertise with Insights. Is there anyone who visits this site who has experience with Insight ownership in Melbourne and the performance of any service department?

I would be grateful for any information or suggestions.

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It may not be Melbourne but I'm on the Cape York peninsula around July.
I'll keep my eyes peeled up there for you.
Just kidding!

What about the main dealer in Melbourne ? Don't you trust him ?
Well, it was only a joke anyway. (The Insight on Cape York.)

The only States I haven't seen yet are Victoria and Tassie, btw. So I wouldn't know the dealers around Melbourne.

I've been to the enourmous Honda-dealer in Sydney in 2001. They had a red Insight there. In Canberra also.....but they were short of brochures.
In 2003 they had a green Insight up in Darwin where I got my aussie brochure finally.
"Desert City Motors" in Alice Springs has sadly closed down though. I took spy-pictures of the Holden/Vauxhall/Opel Zafira in 1997 there and sold them to a magazine, which payed my flights. No Hondas for the "red centre" anymore. :(

Maybe I'll catch something Honda Insight-ish in Cairns. As it is from there where we head up north. 8)

Fair dinkum !
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As I mentioned before I have seen 3 Insights Down Under.
In 2001 a red one in Sydney and I could have sworn a BLACK one in Canberra during the same trip. It was then where I picked up a magazine in Parkes/NSW with an article about the Brisbane-Melbourne eco trip, and other magazines with road tests on the Insight.
In 2003 there was a citrus coloured one up in Darwin.

If there is any change of plan, I'll surely let you know.

But the reason for us going to Australia is simply to get away from it all. We rent out a 4wd and go beyond the black stump.....out the back o'Bourke (Birdsville, Tanami, Oodnadatta, Innamincka, Tibooburra, Gibb River........)
Nothing on this planet beats this feeling:
Driving all day with no oncoming traffic at all and sitting there with a can of nice cool VB in your hand admiring the southern cross in the vast, clear evening sky ....... and being woken up by Kookaburras in the morning.
There is no word to describe it.

Sorry for going OT.
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The Insight was in the Showroom of the Canberra dealer in Belconnen. Rolfe Honda was the dealer.
I may be wrong here, but I swear it was black.

Jepp, Oz rulez. And I also cannot wait for my barra n' chips at "Hoggs Breath Cafe".
mmmmh !
Arrived back from Australia today.
Was a great time there. We travelled from Cairns up to Bamaga and Thursday Island. From there back down to Normanton further on to Birdsville and Haddon-Corner. Via Longreach then back to Cairns. All in all 6,102 kms travelled WITHIN Queensland in a High-Top LandCruiser. My best Australia-Holiday so far !! 8)

Oh yeah, and there was a Civic Hybrid and a PriusII driving about in Cairns ! :shock:
With the US Accord being sold in Australia now I guess the Hybrid Accord is awaiting export :)
... Just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience traveling in the kimberlies (sp?). It has been one of my longest standing dreams to just walk/drive away into the kimberlies for several weeks (months?). I have a fair bit of survival training and can hunt/kill/fish/trap/clean/butcher my own food. Just wondering about jumping off points, personal experiences, cultural anecdotes about the area, whatever you want to tell a silly yank about the place!

Well "The Kimberly" is a pretty remote region. I drove the "Gibb River Road" a few years back. A pleasant drive, been on worse roads. To be on your own I guess you need to stay to the north of the track. There is one track that leads north to a remote aborigional settlement on the coast but I never went on it.....

I prefer the Cape York region though. :wink:
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