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This message will not be of interest to just about all of you happy Insighters, but spare a thought for this outpost of enlightenment.

I need to find a Honda dealer service department in Melbourne that has an interest and expertise with Insights. Is there anyone who visits this site who has experience with Insight ownership in Melbourne and the performance of any service department?

I would be grateful for any information or suggestions.

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Hi ghillie,
I finally found someone driving another insight in Melbourne in this forum :)
I have never seen red insight on the road, (only silver & yellow around my area - "south eastern") which route are you taking?
If you still wondering where to service the insight in melb, I may recommend Garry & Warren Honda in Oakley if you are concerning technical issues or service. I had my Insight IMA battery & controller replaced by them and it's been working fine since then. I am not surprise now if they said my car was the first one reported with IMA issue as there are only 45 cars sold as you stated :D . I believe they should familiar with Insight Techincal issues by now (not before mid this year) as I dropped my Insight there every week, 5 weeks in the row to get all my problems sorted. :D

Astoria Honda in East Bentleigh is specialised For Honda body/panel works if you need one. I heard your Courtney & Patterson service is one of the best in Melbourne, but too far for me.

Hope that helps.

I more thing, I may have the answer for another black Insight location, I saw her sitting in one of Honda Showroom in Perth early this year, I wish she is in my garage. :)
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Hi Ghillie,

Nice to hear back from you. Hawthorn and Richmond used to be my route until last week before I moved office to city on Monday. I used to drive my Insight to work from GlenHuntly to Richmond via East Malvern, Camberwell and Hawthorn, the silver one you spotted could me mine :) .
I saw the yellow/green many times around chadstone and marumbeena and it was the same car, I noticed the rego, SZM something...

You may check the black Insight with Prestige Motor/Honda in Melville - WA, if they still have the car if you are interested, I believe they would remember the black Insight if only 2 blacks in Australia.

It was almost 60000km when the IMA battery start recalibrating (term that been used in this forum). The Battery gauge dropped to 2 bars during auto-stop when it was around 70% full. There are many issue about this problem been posted in the forum. You may never had this issue (hopefully not) as you seem just driving your Insight around your garage :) (just 11000km ??)
Everything done under warranty. Honda Australia covered IMA battery warranty for 7 years unlimited and the other parts normal 3 years. It was quite some hassle as I had to leave the car overnight for 2 occassions to be analysed and tested before they decided to replace IMA packs.
I had it done 3 months ago, and since then I haven't experience any battery drop. So far so good, finger crossed!

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Ghillie, the citrus Insight you tried to buy, was it from somewhere in Moorabbin? I saw the citrus one on carsales dec last year and when I enquired for it , the seller told me that it had sold, so I did not have a chance to have a look.
I did see the one that Yarra Honda advertised as well early this year, they advertised the silver one (no pic) and it had only around 6700km. Did they have 2 Insights or they advertised with wrong colour? It's 01 model and I think the rego was RJX something (always remember the letter), I also enquired for the car and they said they just sold it. It was mid feb this year.
I finally put the insight into my favourite list on carsales and 2 months later I found my car from Dandenong car yard and I bought it straight away as I had missed 2 chances. But the car has much higher kms. Was around 55000km but serviced regularly.
I should have been more patience as 2 weeks after I drove the silver Insight, I saw Honda Tullamarine (I think it was) advertised the red one, which I preferred in the first place, and it has only 23000kms :(

When you get bored with your red one, let me know :D j/k

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Hi Ghillie, the car you saw in Sandringham was not mine, as I have all service logs from Robert Lane & Astoria. It seems that there are quite few Insight around in Melbourne :) but they don't seem to post into the forum. At least I know there is someone from forum driving Australian version to share the knowledge :)
I saw the advertisment you refered on red Insight and I also wonder why noone interested. Maybe if people looking for hybrids most of them will prefer Toyota Prius. It seems that you have one as well. How did you find the car so far compare to Insight? Is it fun to drive?
I haven't thought of selling my Insight either, maybe I will replace it with another younger Insight with less kms :).
I hope honda will release next generation Insight (maybe based on IMAS --> "sound like it" concept car I saw on video clip at Melbourne Motor Show), if not we will ride one of Honda Masterpiece

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Hi Ghillie, it appears your Prius is more economic than my Insight. I normally get around 5.0 to 5.5 lt/100 km on city driving. Did you get more economic than mine on your Insight? I got 3.9 to 4.0 lt on my lifetime fuel consumption, but I keep getting around 5.0 to 5.5 lt all the time on the trip computer. Did you use the FCD? I am not quite sure how this works, do we need to reset this on each trip?
Insight is also my second car, but I drive the car more than my Accord as it is much economic and most of the time I only drive only 1 or 2 people so not rally need the back seats. I love driving my Insight, but not really familiar with all the technologies and the gadgets.
I was thinking to change my accord with family hybrid car next year if I am lucky enough, it's either prius or next generation civic hybrid, but I am impressed with the prius fuel consumption and will find out about the civic when it goes on sell in Australia.

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Happy New Year!
Ghillie, I drove my Insight over new year holiday and I keep maintaining the fuel consumption bars between 0 to 4 (is this what we call 'Lean-Burn'?) and the result I got 3.8 to 4.2 litre / 100 km - Thanks for the tips.
I changed my driving style. Now I accelerate fast with low gears (1st and 2nd and shifted to 5th to cruise on 60km zone flat road) and I keep getting around 4.0 litres (a lot of stop/go and 50 to 70km zone) and I am happy with this. I will try on freeway and will see what happen.
I used both trip metres now, I reset A each time I fill up the petrol and keep B for my record. I am using FCD for every trip now(reset it each time and check trip A for comparison).
With my old driving style (I drove the car with 2nd and 3rd gears most of the time and seldom shift to 4th and 5th on normal 60-70km zones) I could only get around 630km for 40 litres petrol with 1 or 2 bars left. Will see what happen if I keep driving this way (yes, it is very challenging to keep the fuel cons bars below 4lt) :)

No.166, I haven't driven much around Australia country sides (only drove from melb - syd - canberra - melb and around melb - great ocean road is the nice one), and not really sure where the kimberlies is :)

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