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Service in Australia

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This message will not be of interest to just about all of you happy Insighters, but spare a thought for this outpost of enlightenment.

I need to find a Honda dealer service department in Melbourne that has an interest and expertise with Insights. Is there anyone who visits this site who has experience with Insight ownership in Melbourne and the performance of any service department?

I would be grateful for any information or suggestions.

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Well that comfirms at least 4 black insights in existence. Although now that we know they were actually produced in black, there are probably loads more than we know of.

A poster in the US I believe had his custom painted, and someone else reported seeing one in the UK if I recall correctly!

Anyway, not to hijack you aussies chattin amongst yourselves. Just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience traveling in the kimberlies (sp?). It has been one of my longest standing dreams to just walk/drive away into the kimberlies for several weeks (months?). I have a fair bit of survival training and can hunt/kill/fish/trap/clean/butcher my own food. Just wondering about jumping off points, personal experiences, cultural anecdotes about the area, whatever you want to tell a silly yank about the place!

Thnx! :D
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