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service pricing?

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Can anyone direct me to a place where the average service pricing for honda dealerships is posted? I was recently told that the 45K service would be almost $500!
That seems a bit pricey.

I'm probably going to go ahead with the whole dealer service package this one time, since it will be the first big one since I've bought the car. After that......hmmm.

Thanks all!
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I bet they have their own "service list" of things to do. I would check your owners manual and insist that they only preform the matenience itmes specified in the matenience section, and get a quote on having just that work done. One thing I would recommend is you might have your cabin air filter replaced if it hasn't been done until this point. Your also getting close to the 60K mile transmission fluid change (for the 5 speed), or 30K miles for the CVT.
Find out what they want to do then do it yourself. The cabin air filter is easy and all you have to do is remove the glove box and cut the plastic bar in front of the cleaner. The tranny fluid is as easy as changing the oil - there's a bolt for draining and another for filling. Re-fill the fluid until it comes out of the top bolt. That's over $100 of service right there.
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