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I'm shopping for an Insight and excited. Hopefully this will be one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to the purchase of a new car. I'm going to miss my 01 S4, but I won't be missing the trips to the gas station.

Any suggestions for my shopping efforts would be appreciated. I'm living in Denver, but willing to travel for the right car.



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Some ideas...

If you're thinking of going out of state at all check into vehicle purchasing laws in Colorado. Washington has a big no-no tax on vehicles purchased out of state as Oregon right next door doesn't have sales tax; they also charge a higher sales tax on vehicles.

Check or another nationwide inventory search engine and compare different zip codes and areas.

Assuming you're shopping for new, verse yourself with the Insight's warranty. The dealership I shopped with was ignorant of the longer warranty on the IMA and tried to sell me an extended warranty based on "Honda's standard three-year" warranty.

There are a number of tricks you can do mentally to psyche yourself up for the purchase experience. Becoming really familiar with the vehicle as you're already doing helps--I played dumb and asked a couple of questions the sales guy wasn't able to answer, to keep them human. I could go on and on about the purchasing act itself, but keep in mind that it's their job to sell you the car. Even if you're flying in from far away, there IS another Insight that could be the one for you, somewhere else; you don't have to buy theirs.

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Re: Some ideas...

Thanks for the advice.
Looking into tax laws is a great idea. I'm actually thinking something used with low miles.
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