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Is it normal that while traveling around 45 or 50 and running in, what I think is, lean burn mode, that as I press lightly on the gas pedal there is a kind of shudder in the engine. It seems almost like the car is trying to shift from one mode to another. If I give it more gas, it smooths out. Otherwise it kind of chugs along without any real acceleration. Not sure how long it would go on, it seems like something needs to be done to stop it and I accelerate.

Just curious to know if it's part of normal operation.

On the other issue that I posted, I got the car back from the dealer yesterday and the problem was with the 12V battery as was suggested by your responses to my post.

Thanks for that.

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I'm having shuddering problems when my 01 Insight, manual transmission, 63,000 miles, should be going into lean burn mode. I can even watch the tach go up and down on its own.

My Honda dealer is clueless. What is an EGR valve? Is it only in CVT's?

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HUH :!: :?:

Clean it and keep on truck'in. ;)



EGR valve cleaning, instructions please ... php?t=1978

cktman (Rick Lewis)

Cleaning won't always fix

EGR VALVE DISCOVERY ... php?t=3287


retepsnikrep (Peter Perkins)

EGR valve unveiled and some repair ideas. ... php?t=4975


EGR replacement success - and recommendations ... php?t=5218

HTH! :)
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