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Hi all.
my 00 insight is performing VERY poorly lately. I am getting 58mpg tank and i use the assist most of the time to get anywhere. the car is shuddering a lot. mostly when trying to keep a constant pressure on the gas pedal. I told my wife that one thing i could tell the dealer is that it does not happen when the assist is on. Well, today it did. i would say it happens mostly in 3rd gear at about 30mph, but it happens in ALL the gears.
i guess i could call it the herky jerky....violent shuddering.
by the way. when this happens, not only can i feel it, but the tachometer also really shows it. i should get a video of it to show the dealers. they will probably say they drove it around a bunch and couldnt see a problem.
I dont think i shared that story. when i picked it up from dealer after new IMA system installed i checked my mileage. it had ben driven 0.4 miles since i gave it over to them. my adviser told me, "yeah, we drove it around a bunch and its great" 0.4 miles! wow, they must have really gone far to that parking spot!
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