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Silver insight pass. door paint doesn't match

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Anyone with a silver insight noticed the paint is lighter on the door than on the adjoining panels?

From a few strides away, my passenger door looks a lighter shade, almost to the point of looking like a wrecking yard replacement. Unfortunately I can't compare with the driver door which has been repainted after damage.
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The silver paint on the plastic panels (front fenders, skirts, and bumpers) always appears a slight shade darker than the silver on the aluminum body panels. This is slightly apparent on my insight as well, between the door and front fender, but not between the door and rear fender.

A very large and heavy pine cone fell on my Insight's roof and left a significant dent. When I took the car to my body man for repairs, he pointed out the slight difference in color too, and said the difference is apparent on other cars as well, with some colors being more noticeable than others.
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