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Simple fix...battery not charging now works

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To all of those Insighters who helped me troubleshoot my battery not charging when I braked, thanks a bunch for your help.

It now charges when I brake and I'm a little embarrased as to what the problem was. For whatever reason I learned (many years ago) to drive a manual transmission by putting the car in neutral when I brake. Well as everyone else on here probably knows, you need to brake with the car in gear to get full charging of the battery. It doesn't charge at all when you brake in neutral.

Well I was driving down the road with the car in third gear and hit the brake on accident and there it was charging fully! I couldn't believe it. I researched, talked to mechanics, etc and nobody could figure it out. I guess sometimes starting with the simple solution is the best. Either way I definitely learned a lot about my insight in the process and a little about driving 101.

On a good note, the guy I bought the car from on e-bay was prepared to stand behind the car 100% and was extremely helpful. So to anyone looking to buy on e-bay, have faith, do your research, but don't be affraid to go for it.

Thanks again for all the feedback.
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Don't feel embarrassed, I'm sure you feel much more relief than anything.

I had to get used to the Insight's quirks when I bought mine from eBay and I hadn't driven a manual since I learned how to drive -- quite awhile ago; now I appreciate its little hitches like that.

It's a learning process, glad you have succeeded in it.

What amazes me is how well this board solves problems; it's very intriguing from a distributed processing perspective, all of these individuals with their unique experiences contributing (for better or worse) to solving the problems.

I think the Insight needs some Star Trek technology like a deflector array ;) Imagine constantly drafting due to a deflector dish at the front that moved the air out of the way for you, using some currently unknown technology.

Good luck
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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