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Sirius Antenna

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Hi everyone, one of my christmas presents was a XM satellite add on kit. While the thought was nice I couldn't stand having an add on reciever stuck to my dash somewhere so I decided to return it and use the money for what I really wanted. A new deck thats Sirius ready. I've ordered the deck and am waiting for it to arrive still and in the mean time I went and got the deal where you agree to subscribe for a year and buy the antenna and you get the brain unit for free.

So the only antenna they had was a magnetic mount. I told the genius at Best Buy that I had an alluminum roof and it was not going to work all that easily though he assured me that some double sided tape would work, which I was kind of planning on using. So I got it home and I started reading the manuals and came across something that could possibly kill my plans. It states that the antenna must be mounted on a conductive metal surface. Now they do also make a stickey pad mount antenna too but I can't find anything locally but the magnetic mount ones. I was thinking if I put tape on this one that it would insulate it too well and it might not work. Does anyone know if this would or would not work?

This is already bothering me enough at the fact that I'm going to have to stick this to my paint because they no longer seem to make the glass mount antenna's. I tried calling, but they closed early today so I'm stuck waiting until friday at the earliest so I was hoping someone out there knew.
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Aluminum is a better conductor than steel. If the antenna is designed to have a ground plane underneath it then the aluminum is perfect. The high frequencies that satelites use will reflect back off any conductive metal surface, just as they reflect off the metal surface of a satelite dish antena. This would give a little boost to the signal. Hope you find a neat way to mount it. Drilling into the roof sounds like a really bad plan.
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