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Sleepless in Brentwood...Insight noob

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Quick intro:
30yo/male/married/no-kids(still practicing:)/mech. engr./SJSU grad in 1.5yrs/ride all kinds of bicycles/disc golf/hiking...campin/love all kinds of food/owner 97' Ody EX (recumbent and mtb bike hauler), 03' Accord EX-L Navi 4-banger (hers), and as off Saturday the 13th 10 o'clock AM 03' Insight (CVT/AC/19.8k mi/bitchin blue/$15.6k...thanks Jonathan @ Auto Connections)

Simply put this little car is amazing! It's everything my 92' Miata was and more. No one mentions the fun factor, handling and stealth sleeper performance on all the message boards. Everyone seems consumed with drafting semi-trucks to break 110.03445532mpg ;) not that it's a bad thing. If I'd only known that the handling and overall performance was so good, I would have made this purchase a looooooong time ago.

Advice please, here is the short list of items I need to locate and purchase:

- stock wiper blade (probably my local dealer, Tracy Honda)
- factory manual (not included with vehicle)
- 2nd key for wifey, w/ remote
- floor mats, Insight specific would be cool, all weather good also
- touch-up paint (probably my local dealer, Tracy Honda)
- cargo cover (have net but having other options would be great)
- cargo mat (just want to keep her nice and clean)
- Honda Care 100k ext. warr.
- Invisible bra (a friend recommend a brand call Lumor iirc?) est. $750 installed, but she's worth it

Haven't considered any exterior items, still not sure what all is available. Ideally, I'd really like to put a "hidden-hitch" like I had on my Miata (remove the tongue, and you or your shins will never know it's there), so I can haul around bicycles to the trail or century rides in the SF Bay Area and central valley.

Just started reading this egroup, and others...already spent the past couple years off and on reading The news of the Fastrak, and HOV lanes spurred my decision (thanks Zach for the emailed news article:) I am still unclear if I am allowed to cross the bridges (mostly Richmonds, Bencia, Antioch, and Oakland) with the hybrid transponder...during "all hours"???

I'll post some pics when I get them up and report back on my mpg etc. So far I am driving her like a mad loon, sniping unsuspecting sports cars in the corners, and dropping guzzler fuv's off my rear view mirror horizon :) and still getting 46mpg. Will switch the lead foot to a carbon fiber foot starting next week on the commute. The blue color is absolutely stellar...the car is mint inside and out. Plan to install my XM Roadie2 asap, and a MobiBLU 1GB mp3 1" square (check it out at

Thanks in advance eh.


small - 03 Insight "nooblu"???
medium - 03 Accord
large - 97 Ody
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You can get a second key at your Honda dealership. They ain't cheap! Welcome to the club!
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